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Miles Lost The Battle After All

Remember this controversy about the CATV6 video that Marshall Miles demanded be taken down from Mike Flint’s blog, Curious Citizen. Well, unless Miles wants to take Flint to federal court, it looks like what Mike did (download a CATV6 video of a municipal meeting, pare it down to a few seconds, repost to his ownRead More

Blumey To The Rescue

What would we do without Dick Blumenthal? Just when we thought we’d gotten rid of him — banished from Hartford and consigned to the polished halls of the U.S. Capitol — Blumenthal reminds us why his camera-mugging tenure as the state’s attorney general was so profoundly irritating. In the state of Connecticut, where they almostRead More

Is Blogging a Dying Medium?

Update: Colin McEnroe’s take on blogs: “They will have fewer readers. But the readers will be highly committed.” * * * * * A NYT article today suggests that it is, at least among younger audiences. And surely that’s not good news for the future of this little craft: According to the NYT, “The InternetRead More

Wiki Crimes? No Laughing Matter …

Update 6 a.m. Tuesday: CNN is reporting that Assange has been arrested in London on sex crimes charges. But leave it to SNL to try anyway. I’ve held off commenting on the WikiLeaks scandal, mostly because it’s so complex that I’m not sure I could do it justice with the little time I have availableRead More

Aim At The Real Culprit

Great article in Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller today. By now, you’ve probably heard that the federal government is considering introducing technology into new cars that would disable cell phones when used in a running automobile? Now, while the increase in road deaths caused by mindless cell phone drivers is indeed troubling, what do you thinkRead More

Telegraphing Your Absence

The headline on the WMUR-TV website sounded clear enough: “Police: Thieves Robbed Homes Based On Facebook Posts.” What is left unexplained is whether the victims in Nashua, N.H., had lax security settings on Facebook or whether the thieves were able to hack into their accounts to view the “I’m-not-home” status updates or take a peakRead More

Probably the Wisest Thing This Guy Ever Said

A tweet from Iranian President @M_Ahmadinejad:I like to retaliate by burning a book that you Americans hold dear, but the only book you care about is Facebook.

No Earthly Objection

It has come to my attention that Google Earth — the now ubiquitous tool for mapping and geographic information — is being used in ways that are troublesome to civil liberties advocates. Facing a fiscal crisis so profound that even ours pales in comparison, the nation of Greece, where cheating on taxes is the orderRead More