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Pot, Meet Kettle …

MSNBC’s Mr. Ed mocks N.J. Gov. Chris Christie for his weight and for being heartless and cruel in insisting on spending cuts to balance his state’s budget rather than simply “taxing his rich buddies.” Might the rich flee New Jersey in great numbers if the tax burden becomes too high? Might that leave the GardenRead More

The Worst PR Stunt Ever

I think Stephen Colbert is funny and I generally like his shtick. But what is a Congressional subcommittee on immigration doing wasting time by having a comedian testify — in character, no less — on a subject about which he knows very little. As someone whose work includes PR, I understand the theory. No oneRead More

A Different Kind of Tea Party

In some ways, you never like to see this kind of story cast a shadow in the light of day — especially when it involves a local family. But once the court papers are filed and it becomes a matter of public record, then it is certainly fair game. A story in yesterday’s Litchfield County TimesRead More

It’s Only A Matter of Time

Froma Harrop Thank you, Froma Harrop, for proving that people who are fed up with the high cost of college are not all right-wing anti-intellectual zealots. Harrop, a left-of-center columnist and editorial writer at The Providence Journal, posted a terrific column today on the cost of higher education on Large state universities and the elite privatesRead More

What’s In A Label?

A couple of days ago, I was listening to a recent podcast of Gene Burns, my longtime favorite radio talk show host. When the conversation turned to solving the budget crises of both California and the nation, Gene suggested a number of possible remedies, including sensible entitlement reform. Nothing harsh, mind you. Just a callRead More

Housy Soccer on Video!!!

For my local friends, this is great. A regional newspaper, the Waterbury Republican, trying (and apparently succeeding) in making money off its website with high school soccer — in this case Housatonic vs. Litchfield yesterday. [Note: don’t try clicking on the video image at left, click here to see it, or on the link above.]Read More

A Little Bit Nutty and …

For those of you conservatives who cling to the notion that poor little Christine O’Donnell is being unfairly maligned by elites, consider this devastating piece today in Politico. O’Donnell borders on being a thief, cannot manage her own financial affairs, openly stiffs campaign vendors and shows shockingly poor judgement. Now conservative icon Charles Krauthammer hasRead More

Taking the Lead

I finally obtained a copy of last week’s Lakeville Journal and nearly spilled my coffee looking at the front page. First of all, let me say that I worked for the company for almost 10 years and still contribute as an op-ed columnist. I have tremendous respect for executive editor Cynthia Hochswender and publisher JanetRead More

Burning Through Common Sense

Here’s the problem I have with the morons at the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida who want to go through with the burning of a Koran, the holy Islamic scripture. Unless they incite a riot, the First Amendment allows these fools to go through with the desecration of a symbol held dear by a billionRead More

Scarf Wearers Need Not Apply

I have what on the surface seems like a simple question. Should a retail company be able to set a dress code that forbids its sales employees from wearing head coverings? But, as is often the case, the real-life example is a bit more complicated. Abercrombie & Fitch, the casual-luxury clothing retailer, is being suedRead More