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For The Record – Episode 4

Kameron Spaulding and I talk about this week’s top stories in The Berkshire Record, including the district agreement and what’s next after the rejection of the $51 million renovation project for Monument Mountain Regional High School. Also on the agenda is the arrest on vandalism charges of Bart Elsbach, the former chair of the Sheffield Zoning Board ofRead More

For The Record – Episode 3

Kameron Spaulding and I talk about this week’s top stories in The Berkshire Record, including the rejection of the $51 million renovation project for Monument Mountain Regional High School. If the video doesn’t display properly on this page, click here to view it.

For The Record – Episode 2

Episode 2 of For The Record. Kameron Spaulding and I talk about this week’s top news stories for the first 10 minutes. The rest of the show is comprised of a one-on-one with yours truly and Walter “Buddy” Atwood III, member of the Great Barrington Finance Committee. We talk about the proposed $51 million renovation forRead More

For The Record – Episode 1

Welcome to the inaugural edition On The Record, a weekly discussion of news and views in this week’s Berkshire Record and Courier, and starring yours truly along with Kameron Spaulding, news editor of the Berkshire Courier. The show is recorded Fridays at CTSB in Lee, Mass. For me, it is a return to television after theRead More

Miles Lost The Battle After All

Remember this controversy about the CATV6 video that Marshall Miles demanded be taken down from Mike Flint’s blog, Curious Citizen. Well, unless Miles wants to take Flint to federal court, it looks like what Mike did (download a CATV6 video of a municipal meeting, pare it down to a few seconds, repost to his ownRead More

CATV6 Pig Fest

Update: No, now it looks like he has belatedly blocked them. Got to get up pretty early in the morning to put one over on Miles. * * * * * * Oh, Marshall Miles has stopped blocking some of the embeds. I guess it wasn’t a copyright violation after all? Or maybe he hasRead More

No One Could Be This Stupid

Update 2: Now Miles has disabled embedding for the video in question. Smart move. Only took him a few days to figure it out. I have embedded another CATV6 video below the old one just to see if it works. It does. Update: I’ve heard rumblings in town that First Selectmen Curtis Rand’s comments about theRead More

Ronald Reagan: The Original Class Warrior

Got into an exchange on Facebook about this photo on a previous post. I have to laugh at the Tea Party Patriots sticker opposite the Reagan Conservative sticker. If a young Ronald Reagan burst on to the scene today, he would be denounced by the Tea Party. Don’t forget that for all of his accomplishments,Read More

On The Horn Appearance

Click on the image above to see my recent appearance on the Hartford Online Radio Network. Host Brian Parker interviewed analyst Jennifer Just and me about our impressions of Brian’s interview with state Rep. William Tong, who is running for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Joe Lieberman. You can find videoRead More

The Incoherence of Occupy Wall Street

Get a load of this video taken by of an Occupy Wall Street demonstration. Now, you must understand that Reason magazine is a libertarian-leaning organization, so I’m sure there was a certain amount of bias in the editing and selection of clips that went into the 6-minute video. Still, some of the demands areRead More